Jul 8, 2014

Architecture - Paul Valèry: When Buildings Sing

Walt Disney Concert Hall. Frank Gehry. Los Ángeles, CA. USA.

In the kingdom of the dead, Phèdre finds Socrates, lost in contemplation of the River of Time. It reminds him of the memory of the Eupalinos architect, builder of the temple of Artemis, with whom he was bound and succeeded, in his own words, to "sing the buildings." The philosopher is very interested in the evocation of this character, which leads to a reflection on the beauty and insertion necessary in sensitive forms.

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Our Lady of Guadalupe Unfinished Cathedral / Santuario de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, Zamora, Michoacán. México.
“...¿No has observado, al pasearte por esta ciudad, que entre los edificios que la componen, algunos son mudos, otros hablan y otros en fin, los más raros, cantan?... "

Paul Valéry en su obra "Eupalinos ou l´Architecte", en un diálogo entre Fedro y Sócrates.

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